Why live in a world of limitations?  

When you can live in in a world of  possibility, success,

happiness, and love!


Is it Fear? Is it Change?

Is it Years of Negative Life Experiences?

Is it That You Might Succeed?

The Bad News:  All these are due to limiting beliefs  that you have created, been taught or decided.

The GOOD NEWS:  Beliefs can be changed and decisions undecided easily and effortlessly!


WHY People Fail to Thrive Is That…

They’re Stuck in Their Comfort Zone!

Is That’s What’s Keeping You Where You are?

I know how difficult it can be to make change. For most of us, the don’ts of our youth have become the can’ts, shouldn’ts and won’ts in our adult lives.

I can help you get “Unstuck” and out of your Comfort Zone, with little pain and anguish!

The Coach:

Andrew Pais, is a board certified trainer, speaker, author,  master clinical hypnotherapist, master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and master Time Techniques practitioner with impressive credentials and experience both in life and business.

Andrew’s coaching specialties include working with those  50  and older with life coaching, dating coaching and advice, career coaching,  in general  helping his clients  get unstuck quickly and easily so that they can attain the the happiness and success they seek.

Finding himself at a crossroads in his life Andrew realized that there weren’t any books specifically aimed at getting this specific age group unstuck, so he wrote “Get Unstuck… A Guide For Those Over 50″

Andrew also works with businesses that are stuck and want to thrive and grow.  He applies his unique  processes and techniques, treating a business as though it was a living entity with it’s own identity, values and beliefs separate from its owners.

Andrew is located in Southern California and currently has clients located nationwide.