top 5 interview tips for over age 50

5 simple tips for getting past age bias

Over Age  50 this Webinar is a must for you If you’re over age 50 and have felt that your age was a major factor you didn’t get the job or aren’t getting interviews you’re not alone. In fact over 78% of job applicants believe that they have been victims of age discrimination or bias. I had never heard of…

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Over50 and single

Over50 and single are you realistic?

Over50 and Single… You are the one you think you’re not! Negative traits, we all have them. If you’re honest with yourself you’ll recognize them and admit they exist. Then you can do something about them. This is especially important if you’re over50 and single. Most people think they’re honest with themselves. Most are not. Many have idealized views of…

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over 50 job search

Job search for over 50s

Over 50 and searching for a job…does this sound familiar?   If you find yourself in this position, I have a proven strategy to make you desirable no matter what the requirements. Contact me for a free 30 minute free consultation.

past dating relationships

Past Dating shouldn’t define who you are

The following blog is from my friend and professional matchmaker, Sandy Weiner: Your Past Relationships Don’t Define Who You Are Today Posted by Sandy Weiner on October 2, 2014 in dating in midlife, love after 40, self-esteem in dating | 0 comments     As I prepare spiritually and physically for the upcoming Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, my thoughts turn…

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over 50s, Baby Boomers, Seniors Dating Advice

Mature Dating Values

Mature Dating Values vs. Having things in common Recently, I contacted a woman on Plenty of Fish, because we had so much in common. We were born in the same hospital, have similar religious and cultural backgrounds, lived in adjoining neighborhoods in New York City, moved to nearby towns in southeastern Florida and now we live in Orange County, CA. You’d think…

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